About Us

United technology solutions is a fast growing, end-to-end information technology services and solutions provider working with leading Global organizations from the Financial Services, Technology, Communications & Media, Manufacturing & Retail, Federal Trade sectors. United Technology Solutions delivers highly responsive and innovative solutions that help clients to align their IT strategy with their business goals and address the most important IT needs today through a combination of consulting solutions, proprietary methodologies, assets based services and Collaborative Engagement Model.

United Technology solutions, Inc is established with a goal to provide cost-effective solutions to client’s information management need utilizing highly skilled and experienced professional. United Technology solutions, Inc clearly understand the client requirements and utilize its business experience to provide highly skilled consultants to successfully achieve the goals of the project.

United Technology Solutions, Inc realizes the role of its consultants in providing high quality and cost- effective Solutions to its clients and therefore ensures the quality of our staff by carefully reviewing their credentials and interviewing by technical staff in their subject areas. United Technology solutions are committed to provide quality services and to build a strong working relationship with our customers.