IT Security & Information Assurance

Information Assurance (IA) is the practice of managing information-related risks. More specifically, UTS seeks to protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, and non-repudiation.

UTS provides a complete life-cycle process of Information Assurance and help customers be FISMA compliant. In preparing a C & A package, the documents that are typically required (according to the NIST methodology) include the following:

  • System Categorization Statement
  • System Description with System Boundaries
  • Network Diagram and Data Flows
  • Software and Hardware Inventory
  • Business Risk Assessment
  • System Risk Assessment
  • Contingency Plan
  • Self-Assessment
  • System Security Plan
UTS follows the life-cycle for Information Assurance as defined by NIST and is depicted below. The deliverables listed above is the outcome of the process. UTS has successfully helped agencies to be FISMA compliant.